Toxic Game

50% of my games are toxic players. Is anything being done about it? Very annoying to play this way.

hmmm ive never had a toxic game like that and so far Ive played for over 180 hours.
I usually play custom MP games.

Bro ever heard about trolling?

I call my team a DEBILS TEAM everytime we play together with friends …

Its just part of teamgames as just like in any other game with global chat

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Same. I’ve experienced the Aoe4 community to be very humble compared to most other communities. I’ve played like 200 games and only experienced something negative once.

You want censorship back. You want every word you write to be censored you dont feel like they toxic but still they will be? You can just ignore such people. Personally I have never came across such toxic people because I dont initiate conversation. If they wanna communicate I am open to that. But yea I dont care, we just gotta enjoy game.

This is extremely mild compared to other multiplayer games.

Watch or play a few LoL games. They do have a good report system and bans ar harsh but it’s still a loosing battle.

I agree about censorship. The censorship we had in the beginning was wild.

apart from being toxic, its soo lame that trolls go against the competitive spirit of the game… you cant win, its sooo unlikely you will win if 3 out of 4 players in the team just tell you to shut up the second you just say hi… -.- what’s the use in being such a piece of trash to other person? No trolling in the end, just dark, pathetic people…

Hardly warrants a thread.