Trade Monopoly

The Wonder of Aoe3. They cut nice going games short in a boring fashion. Atleast i reaaaally hate it. Can we please have this disabled.

Does anybody enjoy winning/losing trough trade monopoly. it feels incredible cheap especially in team games.

please share if you agree or tell me why I should not enjoy long games. really in aoe 2 the game only really starts to become fun when the trash wars begin, its just my thing. but aoe 3 compeletly ruins my fun with this incredible game ender.

do I need to play aoe 3 vanilla again is there no way around this if I want to play the long game?

You can play with classic rules and there won’t be trade monopoly. It’s in the match options. Also, it’s not that hard to destroy the trading post, but the option to play without it is there as well.

so ranked is just not for me I guess since cant disable it there. They could atlast increase the timmer to 7.30 instead measerly 5 minutes in my opinion.

I don’t assume they will change ranked to classic mode… how many people besides me would prefer that?

Can’t you just build one mortar? I guess it depends on the map.

The map had 3 trade post. One deep into each teams walled base. On in the middle. The 3 enemies put a European fortress there and walled the side and pulled all there units there and despite my attempt with multiple mortars or a cav snipe or a normal push no chance.

My teammates were a bit weak and could contribute much but I Coulld have denfede on for them to have to time to catch up but with this the game just ended ritgth there. It felt cheap and too early. Very disappointing if you like to turtle.

today i faced native americans trade monopy boosted with the structure hp increasing dance. just wtf really, so much fun…

really who enjoys this. its so lame :frowning:

Hi. I think trade monopoly was invented to create a way to counter the turtle strategy, and I like this system because it encourages players to take map controls rather than hiding behind walls and make the game unnecessarily long. I sometimes use trade monopoly in 1v1 match against the opponent who builds multiple lines of walls. You know those turtle style players won’t come out of walls until they have nothing left to do, which often takes 40mins or so.

Having said that, I feel you, too.
To play a team game lasting over 1 hour with continual battles by fully upgraded military forces is so much fun. It gives me the feeling of warfare (pardon me if my English sounds unnatural to native speakers).

I wish they added an option to choose classic mode to ranked matches.


Just don’t turtle and expect to win. One could ask if people enjoy turtling so hard on 5% of the map and eventually losing to mortars or trade monopoly.

Personally I love trade monopoly for punishing turtles. It’s a form of map control.

It rarely is a planned strategy, more of a fall back when the other team won’t fight or resign.


i just played some classic aoe 3 vanilla cd version on game ranger today instead, since it is unclear if de is safe to play at the moment.

was a stadard great plains 3v3 game. eney team tried to rush with 2 ottoman, while our teams dutch boomed hard. when they came in we could just survive since we had minuteman and town center and after a long and fun game we eventually won due to outbooming.

now iamige the enemy team just starte a trade monopoly timer in age 2 instead. propably there would have been nothing we could do and a fun balance long game would have ended in a boring 15-20 minute stomp.

edit: didnt know that you need to be in age 4 to start the timer

Here is my experience. I’ve lost 3 games VS INCA only to trade monopoly. Game was going well Fights were going good on both sides. But the moment I wall up and try to get a little ECO. Due the fact that INCA does not need hunts nor that much eco as they can take prolonged fights without losing much. All other civs have to transition into mill or they lose. While I do this the INCA player takes 2 out 3 TP and wins through Trade monopoly. Using The Defense Dance which gives those little TP 12kHP and not only that They place The strongest FORT in the game right now. with 26kHP near to them. And what’s best. You try to mort that down and you don’t really have a strong economy as INCA to keep a prolonged fight. At least that early in the game. You need a couple of cards or your mills are straight up dogsh1t same goes for your estates

In short INCA being able to win through Monopoly as they can take prolonged fights as their eco won’t be that much affected and they don’t really need to set back to transition into anything. The moment they start a fight they can keep at it for a long time.

Saying Trade monopoly is designed to defeat those who play turtle. Then how are you going to defeat The strongest turtle civ wining through monopoly?. I haven’t had the chance to take down a 12,000 HP trading post with 5 mortars in few shots Let alone their Fort. And I’m talking from a 1v1 Experience. I guess in team it is even worse.

The trade monopoly Should be reworked or be given a different Buff. Maybe If the time completes you get complete vision of enemy until he takes a TP back. Straight up wining game in 4minutes in the current state of the game with so many imba things is not fair balance


Vanilla doesn’t even have trade monopoly. Long games can be fun if there’s action but when one team just simply turtles, that needs to be punished.

You have to control 2/3 of the trade posts for trade monopoly so it’s a form of map control. Don’t give that to your opponents.

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Strongly agree my man. Also, it’s kind of stupid the way it works or the logic behind it.

“Oh my, u got the majority of the tp’s for 4-5m? Allright, we surrender even if it’s an equal battle :’(”
or also
“I got the majority of the tp’s for 4-5m haha, trade monopoly go brrr”

It sounds pretty nice to change it to a Buff, more resources, exp, temporal vision of enemy, etc. Something like that, but just to win this way because ur enemy is doing turtle doesn’t feel right, turtle is a gamestyle like the others(rush, semi ff, ff, boom without turtle) and must be respected.

And I say this as a anti-turtle player haha, the building that I use the less is the wall, because it most of the times make the game slower and my playstyle is rush :slight_smile: , is what I enjoy the most.

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thats the point, vanilla doesnt have manz of the “features” of the expansions. like auras and magic dances and op japanse ashigaru in imp, etc.

how about as long a the trade minopo is in place cards cant be sent like blokade.

I like the buff idea, but it should be a considerable buff and come a bit earlier than age IV, something that will still hinder a passive style like intended, maybe a good siege/hp boost to all units?

Vanilla And TWC have much more brooken stuff than TAD. Especially early game.

Here is an example of trade monopoly being Unstoppable.

We know that water can be annoying. But there should be more than one playstyle no? Let’s say it is a port mirror. And one of the port had to migrate to water. But the other port takes the TPS. the one on water still has chances of taking or stopping trade monopoly. Where as with INCA you can have 10k HP+ or 20K HP+ and as other civs it won’t help you stop it.

I vote for Trade monopoly to give some serious BUFF to whomever has it instead of straight up winning game.


Some suggestion for what trade monopoly could do instead of insta win (maybe a combination even) :

Options that grant bonuses:

  • +x% total experience gains for more shipments
  • market trading discount, like Saracen bonus in aoe 2
  • a food wood coin trickle per trade posts like banks.
  • native warriors are 30% cheaper
  • boosted villager/bank/factory/shrines gather rates

Options that give enemys disavatages:

  • -x% total experience for enemies
  • blockade, so no shipment sent able
  • enemy have to pay extra at the market (inverse Saracen bonus)