Trading port

Would you like a gaia item that is an unbreakable, non-convertible dock? It could be an item on in a water-based map with poor gold mines.

It means you can trade in one vs one in a water map. The trading ports spawn in the corners of each map.


Nice idea

Raiding tradeships is easier than trying to attack a shoreline after oponent got water control

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So basically, that marketplace map but on water? I mean, why, not.

I think what could be cool, if player were able to trade with the editor only trade workshop building, including their own ones.

Then make them build able, basically similar to how age of mythology works.

We could have a special 1v1 tournament that has less gold on maps and allows building trade workshops for self trading

Why do we need things from aoe4?

Exactly. Adding things from other games has not gone well so far

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Aoe4 is the best example people who play aoe3 says its like aoe2 and people playing aoe2 is saying its like aoe3.


It’s a bit of both in one.

How is this aoe4? I didn’t play the beta.

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Aoe4 has gaia docks and markets that dosent convert and you can trade with them.

I don’t think gaia markets should be added, but on water maps, gold tends to quite scarce because the available landmass is smaller, so I think this could be a possible option. Maybe if they were destructible but only by manual target, so if people don’t like them they can clear them out. Might add some more strategic depth and change the water meta a bit.

There’s always the sneaky option of sending your trade ships to an enemy dock that he doesn’t pay attention to.

I’m for trying it. I liked them on Aoe4 and it could spice up water maps a bit. Another option might be something you can capture to give you a trickle of resources, sort of similar to the trade workshops on the Aftermath map.

It would be very similar to Marketplace, if it is balanced around the neutral dock why not
It could be a very good addition to EW water map