Trailer Music is Epic

@1:22, this intro is just… waow

Will we get it somehow in a full version?

It’s so vibrant, it sounds so great. I wish I could set it as my alarm clock.
Todd Masten, hear me and give me this!

:loud_sound: :alarm_clock:


Well, after listening to the three discs I regret to tell you that this epic soundtrack is not found in any of the three, a real shame, in my opinion this should have been the theme of the main menu, instead of using the same one as before. It has almost no change, wasted potential, most likely this soundtrack will never come out and stay exclusively for trailers.

@zlOverPainAL I have noticed the trailers use stock music. If you do enough digging you will probably find it available online somewhere.

Well, the music they used in the trailer is from Really Slow Motion, but as for the soundtrack of the end I can’t find a trace of it, it has to be in the game files .bar, because in the 3 discs it doesn’t is it so. I hope we have a full version of that soundtrack, since I want to mod and make it the new main theme.

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Ok, the OST of AoE 3 DE was published on Spotify and again the same, there is no trace of that soundtrack, and what’s more, in the Definitive Collection trailer they added another arrangement but this time doing the same with that of the AoE2, RIP my hopes of having the clean and complete versions of these songs.


First I dont think its a soundtrack, just those few seconds.

Second the original AoE III main soundtracl is too iconic and epic to remove. The old one fits the time period also way better than this one, being only just loud in my opinion.