Train heros in castle [read before you get angry]

It could be fun to be able to train heroes in imp in the castle. One hero is available for each civ and can be train many times like a regular unit.
The price of heroes will be really high and depends of the civ (no heroes are equal) and heroes will be useless in competitive game because of his price.

It will only add some fun to the game and remind us the time before DE when we played on Game Ranger and played most of the time CBA or path of blood because they was no ranking system who work well.


That’s a super fun idea for a mod, and I think it should be implemented in such a way that you get to choose the hero and the hero you pick will give certain bonuses to your civilisation sort of like the politicians in AoE III.

P.S. Change the title to read before you get angry as that will make your message clearer.

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that sucks, i dont think that the french were led by two joan of arcs in history. make tham be trained once and whan they die u can retrain them and for example, the franks have a lot of heroes: raynald de chatillion, joan of arc, la hire, constantable richemond, charles martel, etc and this may be a random factor in that one match u can train la hire and the other u can have charles martel. there are some civs like the mayans or the chinese (the lithuanians have vytautas) which dont have a ingame hero but they could easily add anyone.

For special gamemode or option to enable in lobbies i would be fine with it, but for standard gameplay then this would be too radical change since i don’t see how heroes would fit into AoE2 gameplay which consist of using counter units, playing with your civs strength and managing your army and economy

No thanks, i dont think adding heros to RM, DM, EW, … make any sense.

For scenarios or other modded content: Fine. But i think this is already moddable. Or at least it should be moddable.


Like age of mythology !!! It could become like warcraft 3 an rpg rts lol.

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If you want this, play warcraft 3.

Or ask the devs to push a mod as a new mode.

We don’t need to change RM for a gimmick.


i think the hero should have a lifetime record of their stats (deaths and kills etc)

and when you use them in game they unlock new skills.

and this hero is only available in the new co-op mode, where you fight a seemingly endless stream of enemies to achieve some objective

I would rather leave the base game untouched without all the convoluted stuff, especially hero stats are so buff making balance pretty much impossible.

there are mods out there that allow to train hero in special castle, like this one: Mods Single - Age of Empires

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If you go to join a match there is CBA all the time when im on. Love playing.

I do think this would be a fun idea. I don’t think i would like it as a retrainable unit. One and done kinda thing seems right.

It is. In Filthydelphia’s “Cao Cao’s ambition” scenario, you can train a hero unit at your castle.

Anyway it’s probs not possible to officially add the ability to train heroes in MP at all without people getting frustrated that they are a never used unit in competitive gameplay.