Can you use the trainer in single player or with bots?

Hello and welcome to the forum. What do you mean by the trainer?

Unlimited supply of resources (cheats)

While not in multiplayer mode

I believe there is a sandbox mode that can be selected or you can just start yourself off with high resources and set the ai difficulty to easiest

That didn’t answer his question. Lol

I would say it’s fine for single player… Shrug

One issue might be that you still earn all your masteries and what not… Earning things you did t really earn. --but those don’t really mean anything.

I also think your skirmishs in single player show up on your match history? I think-- so other players could potentially see that and think something bad.

I personally do not use cheats

By ‘trainer’ he means program called ‘a trainer’.

There is no VAC in Steam version of AoE IV, and afaik there is no other anti-cheat system. I don’t think there’s anything preventing from cheating in non-pvp modes*.

*obviously one way or the other multiplayer is off the limits.

And honestly a trainer wouldn’t work online. Chances are it would just boot you from an online match because the information you’d be pushing to the game wouldn’t match the other players. A trainer wouldn’t mask any of that for online play.

True and yeah ofc it would incredibly unwise (and unprofessional) to leave crucial elements be handled client-side. Once you’re connected to their server possibilities should be extremely limited. Maybe with some LAN modes, but even that is open to discuss these days. If there even is such a thing in AoE4.

In general from the top of my head I don’t recall a single game with solo mode where there would be a danger of being banned in a serious way (not just losing connection/ being desynched or being booted from the server) - yes there is a lot of games designed in that grey area, but even then it’s mostly rather clear.
Like with Dying Light, you have options to set the game to closed-solo mode, plus disable VAC on top of that, so there is still control in hands of the player.

By the way- I wonder if a game can have VAC while it’s on other platforms. With shared multiplayer it seems hard to do if not impossible.

Well said.

As far as VAC being off platform, it isn’t. If you want to use Valve’s API (friends list, VAC, workshop, etc), it needs to be on steam. Unless something changed. Now if the game in question is on steam and on another platform, say GoG, – use divinity original sin 2-- if you buy the steam version you can connect with friends on steam as well as a code to join people who use the GoG version. If you have the GOG version there is no steam friends integration.

And VAC requires client side scanning and be connected to steams auth API. If I remember correctly.

I think there was some instance of some AAA title banning people in single player? Can’t remember what game, I want to say it was an Ubisoft game. Because they have single player microtransactions. Don’t quote me though.