Training Mastery Incomplete Even Though Completed

I went online to play a 2v2 unranked team multiplayer game this evening and was prompted by a popup which said training mastery had not yet been completed. I had previously completed training mastery on another PC and my progress synced between both Steam installs.

Screenshot of Training Mastery Not Completed

Screenshot with Proof of Norman Campaign Completion

Screenshot with Proof of Art of War Challenge Completion

Screenshot with Proof of Training Mastery Completed

Thank you for the report @anon63664082!

Do you know if you completed the Mastery on PC1 before the update? And then updated on PC2 before playing again?

Did you happen to see any Steam cloud conflict warning?

Yes. I completed the training mastery on PC #1 before the update.

I played on PC #1 with the current update before playing on PC #2 with the current update.

There was a Steam cloud error the first couple times I loaded the game with a start menu shortcut. When I then launched the game a third time from the Steam client I did not receive the error again and during that session is when I received the training mastery warning just prior to quicksearching for a team game.

Everytime I have quicksearched for a team game since then I have not received the same training mastery incomplete error.

Thank you for the extra clarification :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I’ll log this for the team to check out. We appreciate it!

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