Training Mastery is broken

Hello (sorry for my english, this is not my native langage),

I am unable to make any advancement on the Training Mastery, while I can complete any other one. I just completed a big part of the English one without any problem.

The only difference I can see is that the english one is on a “new and ongoing” category, whille the Training Mastery is just before the begining of this category, together with Malian and Ottoman masteries (maybe broken as well, I guess)

I am not the only one to have this problem, something must be broken.

It is a problematic because the game really want me to complete this specific mastery, when I try to go on multiplayer for exemple.

Hey @Lopitas75! Are you also stuck on “Time to War”?

Hello! This isn’t Lopitas but I’m having a similar problem in which I’m unable to complete “Time to War”

Hello @SavageEmpire566 , it not specificaly “Time to War”, it is the whole “Training Mastery”. Some of us are on the first step (like me), some of us are on the last step (etc), but the problem is the same : this whole “Training Mastery” is not responding, any progress can’t be made since the last patch.

Any new player will have this problem and there is a message at the begining of every multiplayer game which ask us to complete this mastery. So this is a big issue.

This one is the same

CelestialWolf07 is the aslo the same.

Sorry you’re all seeing this, but thank you for weighing in! I escalated this one—the team will take a look.

Yeah my training masteries won’t complete either, and it’s not because of the save game tracking issue as I’ve finished the Norman campaign, got the achievement and done a few Art of War missions and haven’t unlocked even the first one. Frustrating!

I’m having the same problem! I’ve already done the Normans’s campaign and did all the Art of War challenges, but got no achievement (The Fundamentals) because the Training Mastery is not being tracked!

Thank you for rebumping this @OrderlyCrane327 and @IIHAWKII4679. This one is definitely a priority—the team is actively working on it.