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Hi all.

Im new here. I played AOE many years ago and I’m looking to get back into it. I’ve completely forgotten how to play.

I read an article that someone wrote who said they used art of war tool or something similar to learn the build strategy. But I cannot find it.

I basically want to learn the times and orders of building but ideally interactively as opposed to reading manuals, which I have done, but I need the actual physical practice.

Many apologies if this is in the wrong place?

I hope you are all staying safe :slight_smile:


you have multiple options.
from the menu go to learn to play - > the art of war
or from the main menu go single player - > campaigns - > asia tab - > the art of war


Thank you. I’ve no idea how I’ve never noticed this. I’m assuming this will allow you to learn optimal times for progressing through the ages?

i don’t know if it gives you exact timings, but it does allow you to practice various mechanics like a fast castle age build, booming, unit counters, etc. and it does go over how to start (6 on sheep, etc)


The art of war tutorials are a good starting point for learning fundamentals but you probably won’t learn the most optimal builds from it.

After you get through the Art of War, look for Cicero’s interactive build order guide in the mod center, those builds are more tight and optimal than what you’ll learn in the Art of War, and they can get you pretty far in ranked.


I learned Cicero’s build orders too before getting into Hera’s. Pretty recommended stuff

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Thank you all :slight_smile: I’ll give it a go and hopefully start to pickup the game again :slight_smile:

Search at mods how build orders (just like the campaigns, it says how many villigers 2 send where and so on), there is also a mouse acurracy trainer and a micro 1v1 scenario on points(i think the name is micromania). Also I was just as u in January last year and i looked at a lot of vids from the viper and so i learned how to quick wall which helped me out a lot. However I remembered something about the game from age of conquerors.

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If you have forgotten everything about the game you could play the William Wallace campaign.

that isn’t going to teach you much for multiplayer though.