Transformed Lodya Attack Ships aren't affected by already researched upgrades

If you’ve already researched a ranged attack upgrade at the Blacksmith, it’ll apply to already existing Lodya Attack Ships and to newly created ones from docks. However, other Rus ships that get transformed into Lodya Attack Ship after the upgrade has been researched won’t receive the bonus damage from the upgrade.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Create game starting in Feudal Age with Max resources on a water map.
  2. Build a Blacksmith and a Dock.
  3. Research ‘Steeled Arrow’ at the blacksmith.
  4. Create a Lodya Attack Ship and a Lodya Fishing Boat from the dock.
  5. Transform the fishing boat into a Lodya Attack Ship.

Expected Result: Both attack ships have 9 ranged damage (8+1)
Actual Result: The transformed attack ship only has 8 ranged damage while the other has the proper 9.

Extra note:

  • This also affects upgrades researched at the docks like ‘Navigator Lookout’, ‘Armored Hull’, ‘Clinker Construction’ and ‘Cedar Hull’.
  • If you get to Castle Age and research ‘Balanced Projectiles’, both attack ships will get the extra +2 damage (10 total). This isn’t the case for the two HP upgrades from the dock.
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can confirm this bug, needs attention.

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Thank you both. We’re looking into it. Appreciate the report!


I noticed there are even more bugs with the upgrades/transformations.

  1. The last imperial upgrade (Cedar Hulls) says it adds +200 hp, but what it does is:

    For transformed ships: Nothing
    For existing ships: Adds +200hp (to a total of 800hp)
    For ships built from the docks: adds +600hp (to a total of 1200hp)

    not sure if this is a tooltip bug and adding +600hp might be the intended thing (seems reasonable for imperial)

  2. Since the last update fishing boats were made more expensive (to 75 wood). Before this update converted or built attack ships were aligned in total cost. Since this update transformed ships now have a higher total cost than built ones.

Please acknowledge :slight_smile: