Translation issue in French (in maps names)

It’s been a whiiiiiiille (and I just decided I should at once come and write that comment) but the name for the biggest map (the overgiant, so to speak) in AoE2 in French is wrong. It uses “dérisoire” obviously as a rendering of “ridiculous”, but “dérisoire” actually means “ridiculously small, empty, minuscule”. It always puzzles me to call that way the biggest map. The map should be called sth else, like “gigantissime”, “énorme”, “dantesque”, “titanesque”… There are several possible alternatives.
Although the current name is somehow…ridiculous, thus somehow on point. Still, it would be more professionnal for such a game and community such an obvious translation issue.

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There are also other translation issues in french that look very silly.

The imperial UT of the vikings is translated “gang de fous” (which means something like “team of madmen”), i’d really prefer something like “voie du berserk” (“way of the berserk”) or even keep the original name “berserkergang” (we had this name in original AOC game, and it was fine)