Translation & Localization (Spanish - Latin America and Spain)


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A text in the “Historia” menu (“History” in English), is displayed incorrectly as “Evolution del castillo” instead of “Evolución del castillo”.



  • Build: 40220
  • Platform: Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Popeluso

Issue 1:

In Spanish (Spain). The “Tours” Historical Battle’s description has Viajes as a title, as shown in the attached capture. It seems to be a literal translation of the English word “tours”. It should read “Tours”, as it is the name of a Fench city.


Issue 2:

In Spanish (Spain), the names of the knight line have been changed in the Definitive Edition, and I believe they’re now both wrong and confusing. I will explain.

Traditionally, the names for these units have been Jinete -> Caballero -> Paladín. “Jinete” is a beautiful Spanish word with berber roots (remember “genitour”?), that has been used since the Middle Ages to refer to horsemen. It is just a very appropriate word, and it’s what the unit has been known as since the original AoK.

Currently the names of these units are Caballero -> Cavalier -> Paladín. This means that the name traditionally used for the first-upgrade unit is now used to refer to the base Castle Age unit. Also, the term “Cavalier” a) does not exist in Spanish, b) literally translates as “caballero”, a word already in use. All in all, I think the previous naming system was objectively better, apart from it being the one we’re all used to.

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I attach the problems I’ve found with the European Spanish Translation. Most of them are mixed audios in the campaings.

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