Trash Talk?

By what degree are we allowed to trash talk our opponent? In my personal opinion, I love seeing the trash talk. Even when I’m on the receiving end. Basically act immature as we play games and call each other every name under the sun.

I assumed we aren’t allowed to be total edgelords anymore? Like back in the good old days.


As long as you don’t go for super annoying personal attacks, I guess it’s fun

Trash talk:
You are a burmese skirm!
You think so? Well, your father are a korean scout!
My father was a magyar huszar, you celt skirm!


Trash talking is fun as long as it’s not a serious personal attack.

This censored gameplay is no fun, but these softies always appeal to an authority to get edgy people cancelled and removed. It isn’t sustainable. Edgelords will return.

BTW your mom was amazing, but she def distracted me during that last game.

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I have much better, the jerkest and evillest thing which nearly nobody knows that. Do not use this on 1v1 or 2v2 matches it works fine on 4v4.

Open your taunts tab and click ‘Enemies’ button to send messages to Enemy team. Well, you can use “#” to enemies like “*” to all but enemy team may report you because they all know who you are. Just spam flaring (was alt+f on HD hotkeys i am not sure about DE) random areas on map. It is disgusting and they may not understand what is happening. Disclamier Alert: If you and your allies gets banned from multiplayer, I am not responsible for that and I don’t know why flares just white not player colour?

You are a Teuton Scout.
If i am a Teuton Scout you are a Persian Long-Swordsman.

Just some talking is fine, but it has its limits. Current chat filter is bad. Too strict. In my opinion.

I still know the game in which i got 105’d by my enemy multiple times (he thought i was really dead) while the game ended 30 minutes later. He still won, but almost lost during that time frame. I had to laugh about this kind of trash talk.

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Yes, you are right. I got Indians as a Random Civilizations which I hate in game because I hate camels and Elephant Archers. I wrote chat “I hate Indians” and game showed it like “* **** *******”.

We need to ask FE directly about the optional choice imo, MS won’t listen by the looks of it

The devs want this filter. There was a workaround in the past, but the devs fixed that workaround. That shows me that the devs want this filter. But i still have no idea why…

Possibly they think the censor will allow the game to be PG 12 or something like that

Not a fan of rude insults – they’re cheap and there is enough anger in this world already. With text, it’s difficult to determine whether the other player is enjoying it or genuinely hurt.

Instead, the top players tend toward witty repartee and playful ‘disrespect’. For example, Viper might create an elephante or Hera might send a single sheep back and forth with the opponent. Forward markets were a meme for a while.