Treadmill crane of huns

Can You guys Kindly Restore huns Treadmill crane huns is pretty vulnerable to rest civs without treadmill crane

It’s for DM balance, Huns also weren’t known for building anything so it makes no sense for them


What is it with these Treadmill Crane theads, recently?


Yea Treadmil crane for huns makes is ok compare ti rest civs else it creates very much imbalance in DM

balance in a mode where every competitive game is played in mirror mode doesn’t make much sense. No matter how many treadmill cranes or whatever you remove from a civ, a civ like Incas or Vikings will never be able to compete vs Huns/Franks etc… in DM (edit: and thats why i am of the opinion that treadmill crane should be given back to huns)

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Huns is very unbalanced in DM Team Games which makes it unplayable. And in 1v1 it doesnt matter so team game is way more important for DM and removing treadmill crane from huns makes it way worse also for 1v1 there are some old strat which are not applicable anymore to huns

Someone should keep a list of the weirdest requests on this forum… I would definitely rank this one up there…

How on earth are huns vulnerable from missing one of the most irrelevant techs in the game?


Removing Treadmill Crane from huns was a huge mistake.

It has no affect in random map and it ruins the most played and favorite civ in deathmatch.

Huns is known for the fun they bring with their speed gameplay and removing treadmill crane is a disaster for a legit old civ.

Every legit old DMer that played in high level is totally pissed and frustrated from this hilarious change in HUNS in Definitive Edition.

Give Treadmill Crane back to huns AS SOON AS POSSIBLE



it gives them a HUGE advantage in death match.

or a balancing mechanism, seeing as other civs have to build houses and huns don’t. imagine if the civ that didn’t have to build houses to support more population could also make their buildings 30% faster.

yeah. exactly. other civs wouldn’t stand a chance.


Well first it was removed in the Forgotten expansion ( 2012) and anyway, I bet said old DMers were cool about being able to play other civs without auto-losing to Huns.


Huns strat are bugged because of Treadmil crane removal tbf it should be fixed. also if someone says other civ has no chance then imagine slavs celts koreans vs huns without treadmill crane they just a prey for those civ without treadmill crane

how are they bugged?

other civs had no chance because thy had to build houses on top of building production buildings. huns can skip right to production buildings, and not worry about dividing their attention to houses. that was why it wasn’t balanced. not because treadmill crane is make or break.


You probably dont know, but its kinda of funny that youre telling one of, if not THE best DM player of all time, that it gives them a HUGE advantage.

Since serious DM games are always played mirror I dont see a reason to give them back treadmill crane. For TG DM it would affect them, but I have no clue if it would be good or bad there.

Huns DM lives of the extreme pace and aggression. Missing treadmill crane slows it down a notch, changing strategy a bit. DMers in general dont seem to like anything that slows sth down.

Doesn’t matter. Huns have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over other civs because they dont need to build houses. That means they can invest all their workers purely into making production buildings.

That alone is already a huge boost in their favor.
There is a reason it was removed. And thematicly it makes zero sense for a civ who never built â– â– â– â–  to get the tech.


Im gonna repeat myself here, but serious DM games (e.g. tourny games) are always mirror, so it doesnt really matter that it makes huns even stronger vs other civs. I mean i personally couldnt care less if huns get treadmill crane or not and I suppose its the same way for 99% of the players.

So for me it would make sense to listen to the wishes of the small part of the playerbase that actually is affected: the competitive DM community.

Now I cant even tell you if the opinion stated by Jidba and Co is representive of those.

Not to mention the Wood savings, Vill gather time boost (no Houses, no time wasted building them), no pop-blocking, and that their main Wood costing unit is already discounted.

Huns do not, at all, need Treadmill Crane.

They absoluteloy do not, and Chinese would need huge nerfs if they got it…


I’m curious as to why this rule exists. It sounds like throwing away diversity, and the fact that in HC3 the settings favoured mirrors led to quite a lot of disapointment.

tbf those who saying huns don’t need treadmill crane should play DM games picking huns and wait for someone to pick goths chinese saracens celts slavs koreans persians and see how they gonna fight it out the treadmill crane affects the forward castles defence castles and every part of game you are always slow getting them and also it effects so many variable build orders DMers used to have back then now you only can use 1 build order which doesnt make sense

It sounds like in post imp, civs aren’t really as balanced as we would like to think.

In RM playing from dark age seems to balance things out a bit, as in principle a civ that might lose a matchup in post imp, can win early on, or at least get a favourable lead going into imp.