Treaty ranked - Please Remove Water maps from the mappool

Please remove water maps from the treaty ranked mappool or atleast add an option where you can choose a landmap only playlist.
I do not know a single good player who enjoys playing watermaps in treaty… perhaps new players or not very good players enjoy it.


This is part of the reason why ranked custom games would be better; everyone has different prefrences…

I can understand wanting to add an option to not have it, but that will increase your wait time to find a game.
You could get really good at water booming so if you do get a water map you can at least hang with those who know the water well… Add a warship card and the advanced dock and your good to go.
Just a thought.
Personally, myself and the friend I play with prefer water maps. We have yet to lose in the unranked lobby. The reason we haven’t played in ranked yet is because we can’t seem to find a game when we try 2v2 NR 40 whenever we both can get on.

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100% with you.

Ranked game never worked for me in team games. Either broken team or no player willing to play it. I mean : who would play a ranked game with strangers knowing how unbalanced the system is ?