(TREATY40) The African Civs need better influence sustain!

Played them both for a good amount of time and in terms of high level treaty games, their influence sustain sucks.

Here are the main problems with solutions:

  1. Trading for influence

The Trade card for food to a lesser amunt of influence punishes late game eco too much. It should be a greater amount or at least equal. Reason being is that sacrificing eco for another resource of a lesser amount is almost never worth it in 40 min treaty games. Also, solo trading with no other team mates involved sucks and is inefficient for team games.

  1. The age 1 infinite influence card of 300 is too little

They should get an age 4 card of 1000 influence. 300 is just so little bearing in mind something like a culverin is 500.

  1. Native should not cost influence!!

This is actually very important for high level treaty. With a map like Andes-Upper, you will simply get drained against any other civ in the game, even if your trading well, its a no go. They should cost the same res as any other civ. Only the palace units should costs influence.

Obviously this just my personal opinion, but I think it needs adjusting! Excellent additions to the game though!


Yeah… needing influence to spawn natives is really a bad idea. It needs to cost the same type of resources as it does for the non-African civs.
That would be the only thing I would change

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Are you using the goats?

Personally I never had issues, but I mostly use influence for cannons and natives, the main units being only being camp ones.

My first game with Hausa I made the mistake of only doing war camp units. I drained fast, so I decided to split evenly between units using both type of resources and did not have issues after that.

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eu também não tenho nem um problema com influencia 5 mercado com cabra e vacas

Ask for herdables from allies

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Well Ethiopia used to have a harder time with the influence bounty upgrade costing 3000 influence,

But Hausa should be able to use allied trading posts with universities.

I would remove that weird herdable’s limit that they added in african royals, this way they can get more than 20 cows in livestock maps as deccan and allies can give them more.
Other option could be to add an infinite shipment as aztecs or indians in age4 or give them a tricke to lomited buildings as outpost, houses…etc