Trebuchet has no visual clue for Siege Engineers or Timurid Siegecraft

Game Version:

  • Build: 37650


Trebuchet has no indication if player has researched Siege Engineers or Timurid Siegecraft

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create Trebuchet and research Siege Engineers and/or Timurid Siegecraft

Expected behaviour: There should be at least some indication that trebuchet’s range has been icreaced.

What really happens: The visual indication remains unchanged.


You mean the range stats numbers on the HUD, these here?
This is a easter egg, due to the current Mayhem even. The Trebuchet attack and range statuses are referencing the capabilities of the real world machine of “launching a 90 kg projectile 300 meters”.

Although it is true that there is no way to disable this easter egg, at least not one that I could find. Disabling the Mayhem mod doesn’t work. I think it is really an oversight and should be possible for being disenabled.


I know it is an esater egg and I do know about the meme.

And as a personal note, I think that joke is already done to ad nauseum, but if some poor innocent soul is still amused by it then fine by me.

However, when the easter egg starts to hide strategic gameplay information from the players, then the easter egg is either bugged or poorly designed.

I give developers the benefit of doubt and call it a bug for time being, but I’m fairly certain that person who implemented it did not even considered that someone might be interested to know what upgrades opponent has.

And even the joke would have been much more funnier, if fully upgraded trebuchet would have correct labels.

Damage: 90kg + 1kg
Range: 300m + 3m


also gonna jump on this thread to advocate rams getting a visual cue to see if they have siege engineers

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