Trebuchet pack and unpack way too fast

Trebuchet pack and unpack way too fast.

If you pack and unpack the Trebuchet while attacking the enemy you fire faster than letting it build up and reload. This needs to be changed!

You can see it in the linked video (at about 59 seconds):

But besides that, I think the pack and unpack times needs to be increased significantly for a better realism.
The trebuchets have such a high range and you can attack a castle without getting hit.
So if the enemy is sending out horses to attack your trebuchet, he should be rewarded for it and you should not be able to pack within a seconds and drive behind your own castle

Maybe change other stats on them like more damage, cheaper cost or anything to balance the longer padcking times.


Maybe make trebuchet reload when unpacked.

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Yeah agree that they are too quick, same with Bombards. I think the other siege is probably ok.

Although increasing the time is a buff to civs who have ways to unpack faster.


I agree with you. All the Bombards and Trebuchet have this problem. This makes infantry civs hard to counter them.

Agree, trebs and bombards unpack too fast, making it super-easy to destroy keeps, walls, landmarks and whatever you find in your way. There’s no fast enough response from any enemy to stop this, and when they catch the trebs/bombards it’s always too late for their defenses.

To be honest, I feel like trebuchets should be built on the field by some sort of siege engineer unit. This goes against AoE II classic trebs gameplay, I know, but it would improve game realism since trebuchets were built in the site (at least in medieval Europe) and not carried and “unpacked” like other siege weapons like ballistas, onagers or cannons. It would also solve the problem with the fast setting up and fire mechanic.

With bombards this wouldn’t apply because were indeed transported, but increasing their unpacking time shouldn’t be a problem.