Trebuchet pack while repair bug?

Game Version:


  • Build ((####))


Trebuchet starts packing while vills repair it.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Make a castle.
  2. Go to Imp.
  3. Build at least 1 (one) Trebuchet.
  4. Let your trebuchet get dammage. Attention to much will kill it. We just want it to be dammaged a litlle.
  5. Unpack trebuchet.
  6. Call villagers to repair.
  7. Select vills and dammaged trebuchet (that is attacking) and rightclick the trebuchet.
  8. The trebuchet starts packing. And does not attack anymore.
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What does that mean?

Means i posted in the wrong bug so I deleted my post.

Another trebuchet related bug: select more than one unpacked treb and press the “X” hotkey to pack them won’t work.