Trebuchet tactics

So, I really think that trebuchets could use an overhaul to balance them in favor of the defending trebuchet.

  1. Trebuchet unpack time is longer.
  2. Trebuchet accuracy against other trebuchets is increased.
  3. Trebuchet vision is reduced while packed.

So, why should treb vision be reduced while packed? This forces trebs that want to engage to have a forward spotting unit. Idk… maybe a scout like a hussar? :stuck_out_tongue:

But importantly, it gives defenders a home turf advantage.


They’re weak as hell to Melee attacks, what more do you want?

I don’t agree.

I think trebs are already very weak and you can snipe them fairly easy with a couple light cav/hussars and even trash like halbs can easy pick them off.

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Seeing as every other pro game feature a treb war in early imp, I cannot agree that trebs are weak. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are op either.

Because only two units have the capacity to shoot from afar and one of them is globally available

I agree with the “1” and “3”… The “2” have no sense nor logic for me.

How is any of this helping the defending trebuchets since they will be affected too? Also trebuchet having a big LoS even when packed rarely comes up, hardly deserve to be nerfed.

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Nailed it.

Your treb is unpacked, attacking a castle. The defending player has to unload in your LOS to hit your treb. That means you’ll have even more time to refocus and snipe the treb as the attacker now.

Castle with LOs upgrades has same LOS that the treb

I dont really think that the treb need some nerfs. I dont really see any reason for a nerf at all. Isnt the defender most likely already having a home turf advantage? Their trebs are probably under the castle, while the attacker should have his own forward castle or units to protect the treb. Also reinformance of the defender are much faster at the battle, or the attacker should also have forward military buildings.

So why do we need these changes?

theyre expensive and easy to destroy them i think the only way to take them down would be fire arrows or elephants

I want it to be possible to mass say… 8-10 trebs under a castle, behind walls, surrounded by towers, and only be able to be taken down by bombard cannons sniping the trebs. :expressionless:

just pick Britons