Trebuchet Tribune - January

Hear ye, Hear ye, the news has arrived!

Check out the latest edition of the Trebuchet Tribune! A full version should appear in your email, but if you missed it, you can find it HERE with all the clickable links and fun goodies.

Not recieving the emails?


Thanks for this @JexBall, couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t see my emails in my Hotmail account then I looked it for some reason moved them to the spam bc I stopped opening them bc I just looked at title and just hopped over here without reading email using header as remainder to check forums for news so thanks, :slight_smile: got that fixed.

This is exciting news I love this time period. I’m a Colonel by heart.

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this was a good reminder to update my dxdiag. the last time i did it i was on Windows 7. I’m guessing AoE III: DE will not be compatible with it.

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@rtil5763 your correct all the DEs are Win 10 only.

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