Trebuchets should be able to auto attack units

This problem doesn’t only affect trebuchets, but any unit you want to be able to be packed/unpacked to a different unit. They all won’t be able to auto attack units. This is stupid and very annoying, if not impossible to work around when you want to make a mod that includes units that are supposed to be able to be (un)packed. I can’t believe seemingly noone else has brought up this obvious problem, especially since it’s been around the beginning of AoE2.
Here are possible solutions:
-add an option to tick in advanved genie editor if only buildings should be auto attacked
-make it so trebuchets auto attack units when there are no buildings left
-add something like a unit attack stance with which you can switch between buildings or units to be auto attacked

'-easier and better modding possibilities
-makes the game overall more polished and enjoyable
-removes such an annoying feature

Question to the dev team:
Why is this hardcoded? Why cant we modders have more space to work with? such annoying things make people quit modding because they cant achieve what they want, although it would be such an easy thing. working around such stuff is just annoying and makes the gaming experience worse, because you cant do exactly what you wanted. alternatives are either not as good or straight up not possible.