Tree Resource Regeneration Over Time

I’d say about 100 wood regenerated (until it hits the tree’s resource cap/full HP and then stands upright again) every 15-30 in-game minutes would suffice, (and since we’re on the topic, adding natural fishing spots to be the only other regenerable resource that will regenerate if not fully used up)

This will allow use of trees on maps with little wood and careful eco micro when the trees are nearing their last - the tree will be unable to regenerate if fully chopped and used up or blasted down via onager, etc

This is harder than you thought. You can switch vils to another tree but vils always chop the nearest one think about it.

And i don’t want to check around my lumbercamp every minute.

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Sounds super annoying - microing villagers instead of actually playing the game isnt really fun.


It would be moreso for the endgame of maps like arabia where you only have so much wood left and only a few lumberjacks to keep up the farms - for instance no one would need to pay any attention to it on maps like black forest or while wood is plenty - when I switch to a specific tree the villager keeps chopping that tree until it’s fully chopped and then goes to the next nearest one, if in the endgame you have a small woodline left, it would be efficient to keep that woodline alive while still using it as much as you can and switch a small number of villagers from tree to tree near right before the trees are fully finished

You’ve made it abundantly clear that you play the game differently than most of us (in a variety of threads, not just this one), but please understand that most players play differently than you do. Think about how your proposed changes effect us. I think most players aim to have at least 100 vills of which at least 20 woodcutters in post-imp, and have plenty to do in that stage of the game. Extra micro is not appreciated. [The proper majority might not have the skill to fully boom, but I’d guess that’s still their aim.]

In addition, I actually like the mechanic where you can run out of trees on Arabia and Islands.

I agree with you, the fact that you can run out of trees is a great mechanic, and so is scortched earth tactics with onagers to the trees - my proposition is an indirect counter to that with careful play - but as for islands, I can see where you’re coming from, limited resources and what you do with them on such a map is challenging and fun, tho I’d try to convey that with tree regeneration it wouldn’t change the gameplay on such maps too much, moreso keep the game playable when in a pinch, but not overly so

For mods sure. But for standard games no. A renewable resources mod already exists for AOE 2 2013, but I’m not sure for DE.

The only two resources that kinda make sense to regenerate over time are trees and natural fishing spots, both of which shouldn’t regenerate if fully used up