Can trees please slowly regrow within time … more to to farms lumber and more resources for long fights. I don’t see why not we got the market to spam farm and buy and sell

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You left out trade, relic, and holy sites, those generate gold overtime. But I get the frustration.



This game took the AoE2 approach (mostly) to limited resources. I find it really unfortunate, personally, because the best thing this game has going for it is the sprawling fortifications. The game shoots itself in the foot by making it tedious to play those long games with nothing but farms and a couple little trickles.

nope it goes against the philosophy of AOE games. A cut tree is a dead tree.


The vils pour salt on the stump after they cut it down… And they also spread salt all over the ground… Keeping other trees from taking their place.

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They also order a termite queen on medieval amazon and place it in the stump.

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Resources are already abundant. Making it more abundant will ruin the game. Apart from military strategy there is an economic aspect of the game. You should be quick to pick more wood then the enemy.

But i think there should be more trees in arabia map.