Trigger Effect "Modify Attribute - Attack/Armor" is broken

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  • GAME BUILD #: 63482
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Modify Attribute - Attack/Armor effect is broken!

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

1.creat a trigger, add a new effect
2.use “modify attribute” to change some units’ attack or armor
3.The effect dosen’t work

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The Attribute should be changed as expected

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Hi @Arian9506

Thanks for your report. This issue is already being tracked :slight_smile:

Yeah…same issue. The worst part is that they just barely claimed to have fixed this issue (with pierce attack modification), but they made it worse. I’ve been waiting 2 months to release some scenarios for the previous bugs to be fixed, now they’ve only been made worse.

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I feel you. Since the effects are broken mapdesigning is nearly impossible. Hope they fix it fast and not wait for month

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Modify Attribute is such a rubbish that it cannot support the float type,only support the int type,use xs script call can solve 99% problem!Get away from modify attribute is the best way to do the scenario edit.Modify Attribute is a useless effect and is over overvalued,so learn how to use script call in order not to be left behind by the times and it is the smartest choice.

Some countries can build nuclear weapons with abacus, but some countries are not able to build nuclear weapons even in the 21st century when any personal computer can surpass the supercomputers of the year.

My column article has been very clear about the pros and cons of modify attributes vs XS script calls. Just as the river is moving forward, the times are rolling forward, a person who persists in his or her own opinions will eventually be defeated and annihilated by history. Those who suit their actions to the time are wise, recognize the times, follow the trend, this is the right thing to do.
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This is a huge hit to the scene. Scenes that have been applied with this effect become unable to play normally, because the armor and attack parts are invalid, making the game too easy or too difficult, resulting in players who love to play scenes without pictures. There are very few people who play and make scenes. It takes a long time for a new scene map to appear in the game, and I desperately hope that it can be repaired quickly.