Trigger effects like 'Object in Area' should recognize garrisoned objects

Hi. I enjoy making my custom scenarios and campaigns. But, so, I often find some bizarre phenomena.

One of them is recognition of garrisoned units in some trigger effects.

  • Object in Area
  • Bring Object to Area
  • Change Ownership

I so far checked it with these three triggers, and all of them were found awkward.

Here’s an example: When I garrison a particular unit such as a Hero into a Transport Ship and move it onto a certain point in which a trigger effect is supposed to be activated with the ‘Object in Area’ effect with the garrisoned unit, then the trigger effect doesn’t work.

I mean, the effect doesn’t recognize the garrisoned unit.

I tried it with another way with ‘Change Ownership’ effect, and it didn’t either. It was supposed to change the ownership of both the Transport Ship and the garrisoned unit, but only the Transport Ship changed.

So, overall, I can’t make a certain Hero unit to be recognized in a Transport Ship on the sea when I want to make a scene of the Hero unit’s escape.

I think it’s not a bug but a misled system.

Wish to see it fixed.

Thanks. :wink:

I think there should be a new effect for changing ownership of garrisoned objects, just to keep the functionality of the current change ownership effect consistent.
I’ve seen systems of triggers that rely on the fact that change object ownership doesn’t change the ownership of garrisoned objects to do certain tasks.
The same goes for the objects in area, I think there should be a new condition specifically for garrisoned objects in area, just to keep both options open.

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What I thought later after I wrote this. I found it should be conditional as you said, like “recognizing garrisoned units”, because I found some useful functions of the current effect, like sneaking moving out of somewhere.