Triggers fixed for Multiplayer?

Do Triggers like “Army Move (to Unit)” or “Unit Move” work in Mulitplayer now.
They are used in the official Coop missions but I don’t know how to test them (without finding someone who has time to play with me just to test 1 trigger).

There were some other triggers that also didn’t work in multiplayer but those are the ones I’d like to use most.


There are also some new Triggers like “Unit create from source (Multi)” which let’s units spawn from an object (like a building) as if they were trained there and then talk to a selected point.

This command is used in the historical maps.
But apparently the developers can just use commands like Army Move in multiplayer without any issues that we can’t so does that command even work for us?

Is there a list of commands that cause desync so I can avoid them?

The Army Move Triggers work in Multiplayer now. I tested it.
I assume Unit Move too.


So how broad has this fix been?