Trying to rush on a closed map?

Is it a bad idea to try rush on a closed map like black forest? Where the enemy is walled up already, and the walls are fairly thick. It’s 4v4 on top of that. You are making a futile attempt to scratch at the walls like zombies. While your enemy is booming safely behind them. They make a mangonel and slaughter your men as you scratch at their walls.

One of their allies boomed safely. Has a 100 plus villager, and tons of trade carts. Let’s say one of their allies is Persians. They flood your base with elephants and you barely making ends meet with how little you invested in your economy. All the while war elephants spam (with support units like British Longbows) is coming at you.

In this situation where you better off playing farmville and investing in your economy, rather then trying your failed rush? Sometimes, it can work. But I seen it fail really badly a lot of time. I even seen an ally lose their base, but their ally behind them was fully boomed, and just flooded them with awesome gold units, and was unstoppable by then.

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Theres no definitive answer as to whether you should or shouldnt rush, instead you gotta look at a number of factors:
1- what do the walls and map look like, is it a narrow passage with walls at the start where your opponent has a lot of room to wall behind? Or is it an open front with a wide wall where you can break through multiple points?
2- how many layers of walls does your opponent have.
3- what age is he in, dark age houses and palisades have less hp then feudal (not sure about that 2nd one). Feudal stone walls have 1/2 the hp of castle stone walls
4- what is your opponent going for? If hes fast castling it might be a good idea to tower rush him esp because you should be in feudal while hes still dark age (weaker buildings). If hes booming on multiple tcs maybe you can siege monk rush him considering hes already invested res into the tcs, or you can castle drop him nd go for petards and your uu, if he defensive castles you can go for a fast imp for trebs (having and using a pond can help get a really fast imp) or if its possible switch targets to the pkt.
5- your civilisations obviously matter too, if your civ thrives in really late game and you can wall and boom easily then that should be your goal, if the opponent has a better civ however then you might want to rush him if you can.

I recommend watching rage forest 3 if you have time for some examples of these factors coming into play.

Edit: this is all black forest advice, other closed maps like arena rushing is certainly more viable considering its less choke pointy and you can approach their base from multiple different directions. Hideout is semi closed and the same applies to it that applies to arena esp si ce palisade walls are weaker. cant speak to other closed map’s as none are currently coming to mind and i dont have too much experience outside the ones ive mentioned 11