Trying to show how bad mamelukes are, will make a video against all units. Need help for equal resources

Hi, I want to make a video showing how bad mamelukes are even against franks paladin on equal resources. I will do it with every units in the game. However, how do I accurately calculate the worth of 1 gold to food and wood? Do I take the late game market gold? Since mamelukes are extremely expensive and needs a lot of upgrade to even get going it would make sense.

I’v played them agaist kamyuks and they get destroyed,
i’v played them against cataphracts they get destroed,
i’v played them agaisnt camel archers, they get destroyed,
i’v played them against genosee crossbowman, they get destroyed,
I,v played them against massed balista elephant, they get destroyed,
i’v played them against archer, they get destroyed,
i’v played them against skirms, they get destreoyed,
i’b played them against eagles, they get destroyed,
I’v played against huskarls, they eat mamelukes
I,v played them against pikeman they get destroyed
iv played them against frank paladins, its not even funny,
i’v tried to raid with them, get taken out easily by castle
i’v tryed to use them aginast camels, very bad machup.

Like even kamyuks are far better against cavalry since they tank skirms, take down paladins in a sec, easier to mass, cost hella less 30 gold vs 85, they have 1 range so super hard to micro mamelukes. especially when u change thier directions they start to mass and its free hit for enemy.

And btw a micro intensive unit is a bad thing because it takes so much focus from marcoing ur eco and avoiding mango shot from archers elsewhere. They can even do thier only purpose correctly which is taking down paladin especially frank ones unless you hit and run all day.

Thier armor class is too weak too :
[Archer] = weak vs skirms, huskarls, genitour
[Mameluke] = halbs deals +11 damage to them, camels + 7 and mamelukes dont deal extra damage to camels so hard counter to them
[Camel] = Elite kamyukss deals + 10, elite genosee crossbowman deals + 6, eagle warrior
[Unique unit] = elite samurai deals +12 damage

Thanks <3 love you all.

Did you consider micro management? Care to share numbers of resources?


The most relevant advice is to not make such a video because it’s the kind of video that shows teutonic knights are cost effective against longbows and other absurdities.

Your biggest problem is that you try to use mamelukes against the wrong kind of units. What did you expect by using a cavalry unit against kamayuks or genoese crossbows?

I also have no clue how you came to the conclusion mamelukes don’t counter Franks pala, especially if you want to use the late-game market, since Franks don’t have guilds while Saracen have a bonus that is much better than this tech, elite mameluke vs Frank paladins is as cost effective as it gets.

Lastly a unit can work with a lot of micro management just fine, look at pretty much every CA unit that is faster than an ele archer. The mameluke is supposed to be micro intensive, hence why it originally didn’t have any frame delay, and even today when devs are cancelling every 0 frame delay unit faster than an elite janissary mamelukes are allowed to have less frame delay than mangudai.


Another “without micro” thread. Also, another “This unit is bad alone, fix it” thread.

Literally half of the list is handled by supporting with skirmishers. Though, I at least have to acknowledge it isn’t just a copy paste of the last Mameluke complaint blurb… because that discussion didn’t start out by saying that micro-able units are bad.

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actually mamelukes are one of the best UUs in the game - in late imp.
Not only they counter the best line in the game, they are good in raiding and can handle small amounts of other unit types which would counter them in high amounts and have a very high mobility.

It’s just the opposite to the camel in many aspects - which is a very bad unit in my eyes. The elite mameluke is an insanely strong unit - when you know when and how to use it.

In castle age mamelukes suck a bit, but you don’t want to tech into them anyways until you now your opponents goes for palading or something comparable. So it’s ok mamelukes suck in castle age.

It’s also a good follow-up to the saracens archer rushes which is often countered by cavalry. Of course the saracens eco isn’t the best, so if you fail to deal damage to the opponent with your archers, mameluke can’t save your game. And I think thats what happened to you.

You should’t go for mamelukes in an act of emergency, neither just massing them. They have weaknesses and you need to bring some other units along with them, like siege or skirms.

Elite Mameluke is one of the best UUs in the game, there’s no reason to make it better. Besides the castle age Mameluke is indeed not overwhelming. But I also don’t see any reason to mass mamelukes in castle age - and you need a considerable amount of them to make them effective. So it’s ok the non elite variant is not as strong.

Elite Mamelukes destroy leitis, keshik and konnik (and war elephants(11)). That’s actually enough to say they are a top-tier UU, in my eyes.

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yeah until french come with pala+ thorwing axeman. If you go for seige onaggers to coutner that comp will cost you too much and takes so long its too late. And then by the time to go for seige onagers, franks apaldin are so tanky it cant handle shots to kill your seiges onagers because mamelukes misses a lot lot lot of shots since they deal 0 damage when enemies walk in diagonaly/verticaly. Also they get out microped by mangudai they are faster and kpchak.

and lose to the cheapest unit in the game…

if they can invest that much gold into their army you’ve already done something wrong.