Tune down the great bombards

Ottoman’s GBs are very awesome, super effective and expensive. However, they have strong potential to be game breaking OP.

They can:

  • Anti building.
  • Anti infantry with AOE damage and +2 more range than a mangonel.
  • Crazy attack speed due to double buffed +15% by Mehter and +25% by garrisoning.
  • Anti siege.

With the highest base damage in the game at 190 + AOE, this monster is a new super unit that stack too many bonuses. Literally everything the old Chinese bombards wish it had been.
We can clearly see where this would lead to…

Their stats


This is so funny. I’ve already done the correct maths in the other topic. It’s not hard to calculate:

Great Bombard is 50% worse than a regular bombard, and most people in the entire forum are complaining right now how bad the Ottomans in every way:


Hi ExactDeerB,
I’d like to ask:

  • Did your calculation take into account the Attack Speed buff from Mehter and garrisoning?
  • Did you take into consideration the normal bombard is not anti-infantry, while the GB has aoe and bonus vs infantry?
  • Did you take into account the range of GB is longer than normal bombard? As a result it’s better at anti siege/building?
  • Did you take into account the GB has AOE damage and the normal bombard doesn’t?
  • Did you take into account GB is faster to train within the influence of a Blacksmith/University than a normal bombard.

For all of the above reasons, the cost should even be higher than the currently proposed 1500, but even then would not stop it from breaking the game.

I read your other post, and I think your estimations are invalid.


It’s too early to call a unit OP, in the first hours of a PUP no less. Wait and see how the meta evolves.


All your points are wrong, negligible, situational, incomplete math, or ignore the other side of the coin. It’s trash.

Plus, the most important thing is, this Ottoman civ as it is can never survive until imperial in 1v1. If it does, the Great Bombard as it is will be 100% useless.


It’s too early to call the whole civ sucks, and the unit useless, in the first hours of a PUP no less


Hey, hey… Don’t get all triggered. Whereas we have been voicing opinions, you’re literally asking for the unit’s cost to be raised even further. That’s very, very different.

You don’t know if the GB at 1500 will break the game meta. Nobody knows yet. I find it actually weak and overpriced for what it is. I was expecting something akin to a medieval nuke for 2 castles worth of resources.

You may be proven right… or not, but try to stay within the opinion realm and wait until you can call the shots on how it’s really balanced.


“You’re extraordinary toxic. Who needs this in the AoE forum? Respect the people in the forum.”

Also Exact Deer

Way to follow your own advice. You can disagree with a point without saying somebody’s analysis is trash.


Don’t you think it’s a bit early to say this?


Exactly. Not everyone is smart enough to see this. Overpriced and useless, civ is dead long before Imp. Wait and see. Unless they change it big.

Great Bombard seemed quite strong to me. Combination of Mangonel and Bombard. It is quite good vs infantry balls

You seem to be missing the main point.

First of all, not straight up calling this unit OP, but they do have strong POTENTIAL to be game breaking OP, thats my exact words. I listed the bullet points that I think will be game breaking, they’re just facts gathered from the PUP data.

Secondly, going by your token, this is early hours of a PUP so it’s too early to say anything. For this reason, we shouldn’t be having this discussion at all? Perhaps no one should be allowed to speculate anything in the early hours of PUP?


Everyone should be able to express their thoughts & concerns of potential inbalances, which is the point of testing a build before it goes live. The OP hasn’t said that it’s GOING to be OP but is speculating now when we have official stats and can actually play around this unit.

Time will tell I suppose but feedback is always good in my opinion.

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Ur trash talking dude ?

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GB IS really good , it only need faster recharge speed and that’s it , it can one shot massive armies with the AoE damage

Did you get banned?? I can’t @ you? Anywho can you post your calculations please so we can see with our own eyes your conclusions developed.

Yes his latest two alt accounts were banned again. I can guarantee you he never had any sort of calculations.

Anyway it’s way too early to be calling either of the new civs too strong or too weak. It’s been like one day and without even necessarily having the final release balance.

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Yeaaa, i can relate to being an ass and cringe and over the top aggressive…but buddy was worse than me…:eyes::eyes:

Normally I’m in fights with @HighPingLord and @BdelloidBore5 !! Soeaking of…what complaints do you to have about fire lancers now??? Same range resist as horsemen, effectively same speed if you keep yuan dynasty (comparing standard horsemen speed to chinese fire lancers with yuan), faster attack speed (1.62s vs 1.75s), imperial landmark lets them regen from deaths and attack faster?? And only cost 40 resources more (well after unlocking yuan of course)???

How can people play a new patch for one day and then say X unit is OP? like really? is a beta patch.


Because they are experts in balancing. 1 game is enough to understand everything. Of course against an Easy AI.

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