Tupi Blackwook Archer and Carib Blowgunner should use the new poison mechanics

As the title says, those two native units should have the ability to shoot poison arrow/darts like the incan archers.

The Tupi has a techonology called poison arrow frogs that gives archers 10% more strength, but I think it could work in two ways: give every archer the ability to shoot poison, including the blackwood, to buff late game archers; or by giving only the blackwood archers the ability to shoot poison.

The Carib blowgunner should use poison all the time, as their in game description claims they use it to attack. What do you think?


More than fair enough, it shouldn’t be too hard to make these changes and re-balance those units.


Do you think the poison arrow frogs should give the ability to all archers or only to the blakcwood archers?

I think that the Inca Jungle Bowman, the Tupi Blackwood Archers and the Carib Blowgunners should always have the poison effect, regardless of any upgrades.

The poison arrow frogs upgrade could be split in two different upgrades, with two different effects:

  1. Increases poison damage (only for the Jungle Bowman, the Blackwood Archers and the Blowgunners).
  2. Allows any archer unit (crossbows, longbows, arrow knights, cho ko nu, etc.) to do poison damage over time, but only 50% of the damage that the Jungle Bowman do.

You can turn one of them into a home city card, or have one for the Tupi and one for the Carib.


All Archers, since they are some of the most overlooked units in the game, unless one plays British or Japanese.

All the minor nation trading posts need rehauls. I have gripes with the Cheyenne and the Comanche for their portrayals as well. They need to just do a balance rehaul of the minor nation trading posts across the game.

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Why? They are very decent. Comanche is great for a Cavalry focused deck.

The Cheyenne Rider should be called the Dog Soldier, because Dog Soldiers were Cheyenne. The Comanche Horse Archer is probably the weakest cavalry archer in the game and has no reason to be so - I personally think they should buff its siege to 35ish to make it a good raiding cavalry.

Comanche Horse Archers have a big multiplyer against Villagers, and are a pure raiding unit.
They actually what other Horse Archers cannot, and therefore complement them in battle, otherwise you would have no reason to train them as Russia or Ottoman.

Cheyenne getting called Dog Soldiers will not do much for them, and they are still very decent as it is.

When did they add the villager bonus to the Comanche Horse Archer? They’ve always had the same x0.5 multiplier that every other horse archer has had.