Turk Secondary Unique Unit Concept - Akinji

Before the rise of the Ottoman Empire and discovery of gunpowder, the Seljuks Turks had one of the best horse units back in time. So to reflect this, I thought the Turks had a unique Turkish cav archer for a secondary unit in addition to the Janissary.

Akinji stats:
Turkish unique Cavalry Archer that replaces the Heavy Cavalry Archer upgrade in the Imperial Age. Available in the Archery Range. Has a small attack bonus against other unique units (based on the fact that the amount of land that the Turks conquered, from Mesopotamia to Europe).

Cost: Same as for CA.
Base HP without Sipahi: 60
Base Attack: 8
Base Range: Same as for CA.
Base Melee Armor: 2
Base Pierce Armor: 0

But why ? (20 characters)


Ok, so they have a cav archer with 110 hp AND 8 attack? Seriously?

This feels unnecesary. Turks already have some of the best CAs


This is what the Sipahi UT is for. No need for a new UU.


Unless Sipahi UT lets the Hussars and CA regenerate health, while the UU has buff

Akinji are horse archers or light cavalry? I always thought the ottomans used tatar cav archers and balkan lc for battle.

Honestly dont think turks need this type of buff. If they need changes one way or another its slightly toned down on arena and similar maps, while slightly buffed on open maps


Maybe extend the Light Cav +1PA bonus to the rest of mounted units, Including Knight-line, Camel-line, CA and why not trade carts…

You want 5 pa knights in castle age? N2m 9 pa cav archers with 100 hp?


Maybe removing plate barding armor? Anyway, turks rarely use knight-line. Of course, it is a huge nerf to camels and hussars… but having a strong CA maybe could work… Just droping raw idea.

And now they become garbage against archers in imp…


That’s not the point? nerf them in closed maps (mostly Imp age games) and buff them in open maps (mostly Castle age).

What do you suggest? Have any raw idea about it?

you do realise archers are used in open maps right? maybe, instead of thinking up random ideas, find out why the turks are OP on arena first, and then try and think of something that has something to do with that issue.

that PA on scout line certainly helped imo. but i wonder, of all the civs, if turks could get the old camel +1 PA as well?

wrt arena, im guessing its the free chemistry that needs to go. i cant see what else could change to nerf them significantly enough, without hurting arabia even more. like change the gunpowder production speed maybe? tone that down, its a small nerf if its removed, without affecting arabia that much, and then compensate elsewhere?

i think their biggest issue is they are so late game loaded with civ bonuses, they’re possibly in a similar boat to civs like goths.

maybe something like this: camels +1PA. chemistry is free, but you still need to research it, and GP production 15% (from 25%)


They were straight awful in oprn maps before the extra pa. Removjng pb isn’t the answer. Im not sure how to balance them but i know removing pb is terrible


I like these except the chemistry one. Maybe change the gunpowder techs bonus, make them 50% cheaper, -50% researching time too and adding chemistry to this bonus.
I would keep the -25% production time for GP.

I’m keen for this. How about a cavalry archer, weak but good at pillaging for resources.

Again it would kill Turks against archer civs basicly.Dont touch their only 1 trash options being somewhat superior.

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