Turkish Translations Errors!

Hi. I played Ottomans in beta with Turkish translations. When I played the game I saw that the Imperial Council point descriptions were wrong or empty. I didn’t mind because it was beta, but I saw that the same errors still persist. Also, I suggested Divan-ı Hümayun as Turkish nouns for Imperial Council and Şahi Topu for Grand Bombard, but likewise, I saw that these names were translated as İmparatorluk Meclisi and Büyük Gülle Topu in the game, as in the beta. Turk players cant understand imperial council point descriptions.

Also bonus explanations should be in percentage but they are in numbers like +402. Many sentences cut in the middle. I guess last patch corrupted translations

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I am trying say like you said imperial council bonus description. I think dlc is the same with beta. There is no change after beta.

Also that’s not just for Ottoman and Malians, every civ translations corrupted. Descriptions ends with a “+” in the middle of sentences.

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I dont look other Civs translations. You are right.

Thank you for reporting! The team is looking into these.