Turks buff suggestion: petards produce quicker

Make petards production %70 faster for turks


while i am all for turks getting a buff, i don’t think buffing a unit that sees extremely rare use is going to cut it.


There has to be a bonus for siege. They don’t have counter units, so they should be able to make siege in order to counter stuff. Make the siege workshop 100 wood less, make siege production in general 50% faster. Something like that.

I think it is really obvious tbh.


If we go for meme buff, it is good. For Turks and Saracens, but this is not good long term solution.

Im still convinced the Trashpions is the best idea.

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I think making gunpowder more viable is the way to go


Changing the whole game logic to make one civ better!?

That doesn’t make sense.

The problem with Turks is very clear: No significant eco bonus + no options to make counter units when you’re fallen behind.

The problem is not that you can’t kill castles, it’s not that their gunpowder units are bad.


well it is evident that gunpowder units not named conqs and bombard cannons are underwhelming for the cost they command

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This 10,000%.

I’m sick and bored of people suggesting gunpowders and post imp buffs for Turks.

You’re not making the civ better by buffing its strong areas while ignoring the weak points, you’re just making the civ more broken in both directions.


I agree 100% either they need to get elite skirmishers (yeah, I know, boring solution, tet effective) or they need a semitrash unique unit (same cost that Karambit) that kills both archers and skirmishers (and keep their “need gold to survive” theme)

For me, regardless of whether or not it should apply to only the Turks, I think it’s odd that none of the gunpowder civs in the game have bonuses for Petards. Petards are siege units, and not gunpowder, so none of the gunpowder bonuses apply to Petards, like Turkish gunpowder units having +25% HP and +20% faster creation time.

the simplest fix for Turks would be simply giving them pikes and/or Elite skirms. its simple and boring but effective.

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Some weeks ago we had a long discussion on Turks. Clearly they are a very bad civ, so almost everyone agrees that they do need something. I saw 3 different kinds of suggestions:

  • improved trash, like giving e skirms or trashpions
  • giving them more gold, to avoid to go trash, like mines lasting longer or a gold trickle
  • giving them a more powerful gold push, like improving rams or the knight line (basically to help them to close the game when they have gold)

Maybe I will recover that discussion since there are a couple of points I would like to discuss about Turks and Portos…

They have siege rams and they have fully upgraded cavalry

I am more likely to preferr unique solutions, and not just giving them skirmishers. I think more about siphai +30 hp or make artillery affect hand cannons. Turks conquered constantinople, they should have a petard bonus.

Yeah, they conquered Constantinopole, but not because of suicidal soldiers. They allready have something to represent this - Tech Artillery. It is strong tech, just too expensive because of stone.
I want one of two things for Turks:

  • Asap infantry


  • Trashpions after Artillery (of course this need remove the Heavy Scorp upgrade from Turks)


Turks already have full upgraded champions. With supplie lines, champions are actually viable. (not as the main unit)

Turks are not malay. Turks are not goths.

Yeah you want to give them elite skirms and pikes but that would just ruin the civ identity. You know? We have 35 civs.

Of course elite skirms and pikes are the easiest way to buff this civ. You don’t have to be a genious to know that’s Turks weakness.

It is nice for the game that some civs are unique, considring we have a lot of civs.

Or maybe you want to make 35 civs the same civ, so the game is balanced. A 1 civ game.


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Yeah, they are viable in every role champion can do. But killing Archers is not something Champs can do, except Malian ones. And archers and Skirms are the main worry of Turks.

We have Full Tech Tree option :wink:

Nobody would go champions if your enemy has archers.

Turks Cav archers and huzars should trade good against archers.

Nice, some of you guys would really like to play that mode, just so its fare and delete the civ weakness