Turks Calvary rework

  • +1 PA to stable units
  • access to Steppe lancer line
  • Lost knight line
  • Lost Free upgrade for light cav line
  • Stables techs research instantly (but not free obviusly)
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I don’t like +1 PA to all stable units there. First Indians had this for their camels which was kinda broken in TGs. And the +1 PA for Steppies woul immediately put their steppies ahead of Tatars and Cumans. I think also in the current state of the SL +1 PA could already make them broken again.

I agree with giving them a special bonus to their cavalry in additon to the +1 PA to the light cav, but I don’t think the other stable units should get the +1 PA. I actually like the current tough decision for turks between staying with light cav, adding knighst or camels. I would like if the bonus was designed in a way that keeps that decision as tough at is atm, with each of the available lines having something really going for it.

But I think exchanging the Knight line with the Sl with a special bonus can be an interesting tweak, if the SL (or generally cavalry) get’s a different bonus.