Turn off hyperthreading or smt, increase performance 100%

I just did that in bios and turned off SMT (for amd users), it boosted my benchmark from 1025 to 1125 and there was 0 lag in the benchmark.

AoE2 DE will only use 1 THREAD and not 1 core. So by having multithreading or smt turned on you only use half a core. Will greatly boost your performance if you turn it off and if you got something like a 6 or 8 core cpu the downsite should be near to nothing.

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What is your current CPU? I wonder if some utility like process lasso will also work, or even just setting affinity.

Got a 1950x threadripper, so 16 physical cores, 32 threads with SMT on.
Especially in my case it really gives almost no advantage to have SMT turned on I guess since I have that many physical cores already. But I can imagine that with >6 cores there is not much of a downsite.

But no, tools within windows should not help at all since smt or hyperthreading is done by the hardware/bios.

You are correct. It definitely has use to disable HT (or SMT). Single core turbo boost will improve by disabling HT (and SMT for AMD) and if you mostly play games you can benefit from this.

In your case you gain another 300 MHz for free.

Klokfrequentie 3,4 GHz
Alle cores turbo klokfrequentie 3,7 GHz
Max. turbo klokfrequentie 4 GHz
XFR 4,2 GHz
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Help me pls, I can’t find a way to disable HT on Bios. x556QCK mother board, i7-7500u, 317 bios. i tried everyway can’t find a way to disable it, there is no option for it on bios

Very interesting.
I think this needs to be tested on more systems to gain more insight.

On my old system I had a score of 1072 with an core i5 3550 while a friend of mine had a score of 1102 with an core i7 3770k.
Both are the same architecture but the i7 clocks 200Mhz faster and has hyperthreading enabled.

Now I am running on a Ryzen 5900X (SMT and precision boost enabled) and have a score of 1332.
There is activity on 4 Threads when I play the game.

Sees SMT: (Shin Megami Tensei) you sommoning Demons but you’d also turn off the app?

You might be one of the digidestined 11

Task manager reports that all the logical processors (threads) are being used during gameplay. And only AMD CPUs sacrifice clock speed for multi-threading.

I just tried this on my PC with 5900X and 3080. Disabling SMT reduced the benchmark score from 1335 to 1325. That is a little surprising to me, given that it still has 12 cores with SMT disabled, but that’s what the scores were.

In terms of finding the setting in the BIOS, on my motherboard it was in:
Motherboard settings
AMD Overlocking
Accept disclaimer
Manual CPU Overclocking
CPU Core Count Control
SMT Control

This is a terrible advice, you don’t need to downgrade your cpu to play any game, open the task manager look for the game click on details then sett affinity, manually choose all physical cores and that’s it but the performance gain is minimal.

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should i uncheck or check cpus

You have to check those that you want to use, the cpu 0 is the first physical core, so the next physical core is the number 2 and so on.

I think thats only because the main game processes were run on a slower core.

For AMD Ryzen Users: When you open the Ryzen Master you can see a star and a point, those mark the fastest and the second fastest core of your CPU. These two cores get the highest clockspeed and little higher performance than the other cores. Than set the affinity to those cores, should work and speed up a little.

(I tested so much because of my stuttering problem since november…)