Turning animations in AoE:DE > AoE2:DE

One feature seriously lacking is smoother turning animations. You did this for AoE: DE. Why was this dropped for AoE2:DE? In this regard AoE DE is visually superior.

Was this a conscious decision? If so it seems to be a poor one so why was this done?

Otherwise perhaps the plan is to introduce this in a future update. I understand this means posing and creating far more sprites which is time consuming work, but it would really help modernise the game.

This video explains the changes including unit orientation improvements in AoE1: DE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhLYP-gcaiI
The original had 8 orientations per unit. The DE version has 32 making turns much smoother. The relevant bit is from 0:35 to 0:50.

Here’s the gif https://media.giphy.com/media/WR9CHAeIu4Ps5S9r1o/giphy.gif


I agree with you. smoother turning animations +1


Thanks for the +1. I wonder why nobody else has commented. Does everyone disagree or is it just such an uncontroversial suggestion that it warrants no further discussion?

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Can you give an example? most don’t play aoe1 DE.

If this means that you can’t turn units instantly, I would be heavily against this. Realistic turning would make the game much more awkward and less fun to play

Your right, in AOE:DE the units can turn into 32 directions. In AOE2:DE they only can turn into 16 directions. Maybe they made this decision because of problems with performance.

I don’t think that it’s a good idea to increase the direction count as it also affects modding. Sprite modding is, as I assume, already hard enough in AOE2:DE and it shouldn’t get any more difficult and time consuming.

The core game should not be compromised due to modding. It just means modders will need to do more poses and add them. You have to do a 3D model and pose it anyway to add units to the game. It means more work but higher quality and the point of AoE2 DE is to modernise the game. This should not be compromised.

I’ve edited the original post to show how this compares with AoE:DE

Click the gif link to see it animated.

Edit: To answer your question. This would not affect gameplay. Just the smoothness of the animations. It would mean turns and such are not as jarring. In the original AoE trailer it was impressive to see how smoothly cataphracts and such turned compared to the original. Would be nice to see AoE2 units not make jarring turn animations.

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Could you make a comparison video/gif between 1 DE and 2 DE? 2 DE unit animations have felt smooth to me and so would like to see direct comparison :slight_smile:

There are links to both a video and a gif showing this in my original post

I know about them, but I meant AOE 1 DE vs AOE 2 DE turning animation comparison. Because I really have not noticed anything wrong about 2 DE turning animations.