Turtle Ships - Balance Poll

They never did area damage, as far as I am aware. Even in AoC they were always single-target damage.

They do, 0.5 radius like bombard cannons


Really? I couldn’t tell, to be honest.
Then again, Ships are big targets.


it could be buffed to 1.5 tiles, to mae them fun and worth it to attack on land, as a tradeoff for their crippling “range”

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do you want an attack ground button to go with it so you can abuse that aoe as much as possible?


They already do 50 Melee damage. For that buff to take place, the TS damage output would have tio be brutally nerfed, perhaps even to just 7 damage.

Ranged fast AoE attacks, stacking on a sinle target, have a tendency to be OP unless the damage is so low you would rather not train the unit to begin with.
Just look at the Caravel, for example. A basically useless unit unless your opponent invested heavily into Galleons, and still did not push you out of the Water entirely.

i don’t think it would have to be nerfed that far, but jesus 1.5 aoe splash on a cannon shot is absurd.

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Again, stating your opinions as facts.
I do not think any nerfs are necessary, considering how underpowered and costly TS are, they can’t even reach land targets.

I built my custom scenario with turtle ship spawns to provide sea advantage

I played it on DE today and Celtic Galleon was able to hold off my turtle ships, which is not the same in age 2. They are less effective. easily able to notice 1st game on DE

just because you feel its UP doesn’t mean it is. and even if it is, 1.5 aoe splash would certaintly make it OP.


They are not underpowered at all! They are like War Elephants; expensive but outright just win every direct engagement.

Turtle Ships have to be expensive, as they just slaughter all other ships, even Longboats, cost effectively.

True, they are like War Elephants. Underpowered, slow, too costly and impractical to ever be seen in serious games.

Turtle ships are fine as they’re now, you use a few of them as woodmetalshield for your galleons. Maybe the Elite upgrade could use a discount to 800f 700g

war elephants are so underpowered they routinely close out team games and are so population efficient you didn’t realize that 40 of them could kill 50 halbs with only losing 2 units.

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That is if there is no micro from Halb player
And even in that case they lose total health equivalent to 8-10 elephants.

I tested with micro and I could easily take down 12-15 Elephants

good luck getting it set up so you can actually somehow get a favorable engagement where you got 5 or 6 halbs attacking a single elephant without getting flanked by another elephant.

video proof please. even so you traded 15 supply for 50 and you had 35 elephants left to attack the enemy base.


Like discussed on the other thread, 15 to 20% it just results in like 9-10 wood saved, I don’t think it will help

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good luck getting to 40 FU Elite War Elephants

No good player will ever allow his opponent to ever get there.
Arabia is not Michi.

Same case with the poor Turtle Ships.

in team games its not that hard.

team games say hi. you know, where the elephant UU are actually used?


Wait Arabia is in the map pool??

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