Tweaks to Maya revolution for mexico

Hi, i think that these tweaks to the Maya revolution for Mexico can be beneficial and could help fix some fringe situation that are not really nice.
Here are the tweaks and the reason behind them.

  1. Falconets, culverins and horse artillery become light cannons (similar to how soldado and revolutionaires become cruzob infantry)
    Reason: Keeping falconets and culverins after revolting to maya doesn’t make sense, it would be more in line with the other changes of the units of the revolution.

  2. Stables get swapped to barracks instead of war huts
    Reason: Having stables get turned into war huts can lead to some fringe situations when you spam stables and then get the same amount of war huts which act as outpost, which are limited in number you can build, while stables aren’t. An example of this situation is like the image below. This change would affect more treaty while leaving supremacy mostly unchanged.

  3. Outpost became war huts, and Maya rev get Extensive fortification (it can either get it automatically or added to the deck, if a card have to be swapped then kinship ties can be removed)
    Reason: Outpost and war huts are currently both available to Maya revolution, for a total of 7 outpost and 7 war huts, this tweak would remove outpost from Maya revolution (which cannot get upgreaded to fortified outpost btw) and increase the number of possible war huts to 14 leaving the total number of defensive structure invariate ### giving Maya rev a more thematic and less confusing building roster.

  4. Cruzob infantry get its speed up to 4.5 (from 4), its range decreased to 16 (from 18) and its cost increased to 90 food and 30 coin (from 80 food and 30 coin)
    Reason: The speed increase is to make them only 0.25 slower than cruzob avengers, keeping the same speed ratio that exist between soldado and salteador, the range decrease is needed imo as Cruzob infantry should be a revolutionary/musketeer/soldado replacement and it having a range close to that of a skirm make no sense, the cost increase is because the unit is rightfully strong, but is also quite cheap and this isn’t exactly right imo

Unrelated to Maya revolution there is a last tweak:
0) Hacienda base trickle/gathering rate for coin increased to 0.34 (from 0.31)
Reason: Mostly because i find it annoying that Hacienda share the same gather rate for food with rice paddies, but not coin, i don’t think it would affect balance really much being 0.03, but can improve consistency :grinning:

I would like to hear what people think about these tweaks, and suggest their too if they have any.