Tweaks to Slinging and 2 other small ideas

So I was watching Viper’s stream and he mentioned that slinging is still op, and that got the ball rolling in my head on some small ideas I wanted to share.

What if, for every single resource you sent, you had to also pay a nominal fee of 15% of the value of the resources in gold, even if you were sending gold. This percentage would reduce by 5% per age, starting in castle. So in castle it would 10%. In Imperial 5%.

So for example, you want to send 500 wood, disregarding for a moment if you will coinage and banking as separate effects.

500 wood:
-Feudal Fee in gold: 75 gold
-Castle Fee in gold: 50 gold
-Imperial Fee in gold: 25 gold

I think this progression would still allow slinging but nerf its…wanton abandon in team games.

As an additional tweak:

The Italian unique tech “Silk Road”…I think this should be renamed to “Mercantilism” and in addition to its current effects, it would also eliminate that last 5% transaction fee in Imperial Age. The devs seem to be pushing identity a bit more and I think this would thematically fit right in with them.

One last thought for the road…
I’m by no means a pro, but I see lots of people calling for buffs to the Turks and others saying it would be hard because they are very good on arena and in certain castle age, early imp plays.
I look at their tech tree and and see that they drop off heavily after 40 minutes in win rate…so my question for the competitive community is…what would happen if they just got crop rotation? Wouldn’t that just make their economic dropoff point a bit less of a cliff, or would it give them too much power in Imperial?