Two different Steam Achievements wont complete

Hi, I have run into a problem with two steam Achievements that will not progress past the number they are at for some unknown reason.

The first is “Hun, what are you doing?” where you have to destroy 200 buildings with Tarkans as Huns. I am sitting at 186/200 and i have played at least 5 games since then and only used Tarkans, destroyed 100+ buildings and the achievement simply is bugged and wont complete.

The second is “knocking at your door” where you have to destroy 200 buildings with battering rams. It is 173/200 and will not complete even though i spent several games destroying 100+ buildings with only rams to try and finish it.

Every other achievement is working as normal and counting properly. Just converted 500 units last game and it shows and i have received 8 different achievements in last 3 days that show as normal.

Any help here would be great. Thank you

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It appears, that you have to use normal tarkans, not elite ones for this achievement. Developers should fix this.

Interestingly this person managed to get achievement with siege rams. Maybe you have to use siege rams instead of battering rams? If so, then developers should fix this.

Thank you, this worked perfectly. Oddity was i got over 3/4 of each achivement with the elite tarkans. never once killed a building with regular tarkans or battering rams. Has always been the post imperial age ones. Thanks again!!!