Two issues of Aztec

  1. When you put Coyote runner and Eagle knights in a queue, Eagle knights will run in front of the queue (which is unreasonable). You can’t imagine when dragoons always charge in front of hussars.

  2. When you’re dancing the healers’ ceremony with community plaza (aka firepit), and put the unit gather point on the plaza itself, the new born war priests sometimes join the dance automatically, but sometimes they will not. Putting them on the plaza one by one is quite annoying, and makes no sense.



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Regarding the second issue. You can autogather WPs to the Community Plaza using the military unit gather point (the blue flag in the community plaza menu). I would prefer it however if War Priests weren’t a military unit, rather an economic one. This would make auto gathering easier and wouldn’t render the move all military units button useless (good for pulling units to one place when they are all over the map, possibly you don’t even know where you have them) for Aztec, as this will pull all the War Priests off the fire pit.

Hi @CannierCrayon081 thank you for your report, we’re currently already tracking both issues :slight_smile:

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