Two Italian translation issues for DE

There are two issues in the Italian translation of original AOEIII which should be fixed in upcoming DE (I didn’t participate to “Ice” campaign beta, if it existed, so I don’t know if they have already been fixed):

  • In the “Ice” campaign, in the cutscene named “Colonnello Washington”, Kanyenke sees Washington coming with some soldiers, and says “Guarda, una bandiera bianca!” (=Look, a white flag!"), but the flag brought by the soldier is red. This could be fixed in two ways: changing the translation to “Guarda, soldati inglesi!”, or adding a soldier with a white flag near Washington. The best fix is the second, because, in the English original cutscene, Kanyenke refers to a “truce flag”, which is white.
  • I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but Amelia Black pronounces Beaumont’s surname as “Bo-mont”, it should be “Bo-mon” (like Beaumont pronounces it when introducing himself to her as a prospector).