Two Suggestions

This comes from the viewpoint of someone who loved the idea of a blended base build (like AOE) and something more realistic - I’m loving the more coordinated attacks of AOE4 and Wall building, but think these would really improve gameplay:

Accuracy (and lack of): Having 30 archers all hit the same man you happened to click on isn’t half as useful as the arrows falling and wounding at random. I also (having lost a load of cavalry to a mangonel while they were chopping up some archers) miss friendly fire from artillery. It’s realistic and makes random shots landing here and there during sieging a little bit more epic. AOE III did this well with cannons at a range (at least when I played it back in 2004)

Attacking squadrons rather than individual units: Having a load of pikes charge for one man rather than meeting a battalion as a line also takes away from the joy of battles I find. Rise and Fall did this well - you built units as individuals but when grouped they engaged other battalions as a cohesive unit. I know ‘it’s a game’ and ‘not TW’ but think it looks better and plays better.

Use attack move to engage instead of right clicking a specific unit. That will force each unit of yours to attack whichever enemy unit is closest to them.

That is the problem dude.

Army get all compacted to attack that one closes unit insted of attaking all the enemy army,

It always end up whit two ball of units, trying to get on the same unit. XD

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Attack move is doing the exact opposite it’s focusing a single target