U think this **** OP chinese unit is normal?

PLEASE NERF THIS RIGHT NOW !! light cav killing heavy inf

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Units packed tight. No spears to negate the charge. No ranged to mop them up. Best case scenario.


the thing is that this light unit kill easy heavy cav and heavy inf ,that is not correct

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It’s amazing if you can get off the explosive charge on a mob.

You could have pressed stagger formation to reduce the splash damage, and spears would be better here

against spears sometimes this cav can win , we are probing now

Doubt they can win cost effectively against spearmen if they brace the charge.

spearman brace the charge , automatically, I guess it will be a change from the new patch so i don’t failing on my micro XD , just probe it , this unit need big nerf


Now we want to Nerf Chinese xD

Fire lancers are 100% broken. Any unit that just mass deletes another unit(s) in a single charge (looking at you too demo ships), is broken. The splash damage from their charge is cheesy as â– â– â– â– . Totally uncalled for a game like this.


bruh that’s like if you showed 100 archers getting rolled by 100 knights… it’s called counter units… Besides, the majority of games end before the Chinese can even get to fire lancers…


Uhh, Age 3? Really? Cmon.

You want Chinese to skip Yuan and go to imp faster?
Have you seen their imp? lol

why are you using Armor against fire lancers?

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fire lancers are ok, they need at least a group of 20 men to get charge area damage. even they burn landmark faster. Some stone wall could easily block them away. so they won’t rush you out. also build some defensive at base, they are just vulnerable.

I’m glad to see people are bringing attention to this

I’ve watched fire lancer spam be completely uncounterable

Spears? lmao nope, dumpstered
Archers and man at arms? nope
knights? nope


Spears autobrace now, and they got buffed big time.
Firelancers will get wrecked by spears like a blob gets wrecked by firelancers.

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especially now that spears auto-brace now, the topic of fire lancers being uncounterable is a bit ridiculous. Fire lancers are only powerful in masses and require multiple landmarks that you can’t really rush because you’re skipping an extremely good, eco dynasty and spending 1200F/600G twice in castle age is a huge investment.

I don’t think its worth delaying imp in most cases. But after imp going to Yuan seems good, fire lancer spam with spirit way is so nice and cost effective. They take a lot of res to get to so in my opinion they should be strong. Also if you want to complain about a Chinese dynasty unit the grenadier has way less counterplay (except not letting your opponent get to the Ming dynasty) in my experience then the fire lancer.

Fire lancer don’t op. Because Cav counter MAA

Please build spear or Knight for counter.

And China need build 2 landmark , Very expensive.

you can counter China at early game.