UHD Monitor improvements


I would like to give some imputs how to improve games on ultra wide screens.

Since the hotkeys cannot currently be setup individually there is no option than to use the defaults.

On an UHD Monitor using the mouse to move the screen is really stupid… you have to move the mouse across the whole screen to get from left to right.

My suggestions:
Make the area from where the screen starts moving customizable. Like you would have a smaller inner screen where you cant move the mouse out of. i know hard to explain but maybe you get it…

Make the minimap customizable. Like size, position, colours etc.


I understand your suggestion. I would find it horrible to play like that (you wouldnt be able to do stuff on the edge of your screen without moving the view) but if you think it could work for you, not a bad suggestion.

For now, if it helps: if you hold down alt you can use w, a, s and d to move the screen like playing a city-builder for example.

I personally pretty much always use the minimap to move the view, I hardly use the edges of the screen to move (with a normal sized screen).