UI doesnt show units dmg

what do u guys think ?

It looks like it shows just the attack strength and not exact attack value. Maybe there is a bit of randomness/luck factor in the attack mechanism, which can make the micro more interesting. It kinda makes sense, since even if the elephant is attacking, there is a slight chance of dodge. It could make the fights a bit less sterile.

Maybe it shows a more exact value if you mouse over it?

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I’m pretty sure that they said in an interview the only RNG involved in gameplay comes from the randomly-generated maps. So, it sounds like this description in the UI is just for simplicity, and doesn’t provide all the details.


You’re very likely right; they display the type and generalized tech level of the attack, and then probably display exact numbers if you mouse over. This would be similar to how StarCraft 2 does it.

I would really like to see all the stats of the unit, like in aoe3, no mouse over needed. I hope the player can customize it. 1 stat even aoe3 doesn’t have on the UI is the “first attack speed” which varies from basically instant firing rifles to maybe close to a second-long animations with bows. I would like to see that too, it’s very important because it affects the strength of the unit greatly.

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they wouldnt do that. RNG reduces PvP and especially ESports capabilities of games by a lot