UI + gameplay improvement requests

Hey guys,

As I’ve been testing and playing the game since closed betas, I notice a few areas where the UI could be improved upon:

I. UI:

  1. Center unit hotkey:
    When selected units are not in the view, press this hotkey will bring the view to them. Furthermore, I’d love that if we could click on the unit’s photo to center to them. None of these are currently available.

  2. Simplifying unit description/UI text: things like “tile range”, “attack speed”, “melee infantry” etc… could be replaced with icons :bow_and_arrow: :dart: :leg: etc…
    It’s really verbose to look at, compare to AOE 3:

  1. Global production queue: It’s 2021, I’m sure many of us would appreciate this feature on a modern RTS game. Currently not available.

II. Gameplay:

  1. Cancel a researching tech when I right click on it.

  2. Units be able to follow / defend a target (other units / buildings)

Love to hear your thoughts!

Updates: Add the option to toggle between exclusive grouping and inclusive grouping. ATM, units can be in more than 1 numeric group (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). I’d understand that’s a Relic thing, I played CoH as well, but I’d love to have the option to switch IV back to AoE style grouping. (Ie units can only be in one numeric group)