UI Issues: Displays wrong tooltip. Can't cancel build at 125% UI scale

Game Version:

  • Build Current
  • Platform Steam

Issue: Market displays wrong tooltip when you hover over the icons. Shows replay tooltip?

Also can’t cancel buy/research if UI scale is at max.

Example: I have 25/25 units so I can’t build one more villager correct? So I want to cancel the farmer and research next age instead. Can’t click to cancel the farmer at max UI scale.

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It’s hard to show in a picture, but I can’t cancel the watchtower upgrade by clicking on the icon if I’m at 125% scale.

Have to use 100% for now, until this gets fixed.

re: market place nonsense
Check if the issue persists when “extended tooltips” are shown. Might be a pattern with non-extended tooltips there, cause I found something similar here:

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. And I’m okay with that. Gotten used to it now.

Tooltip is fine on extended tooltip option selected.