UI: Key Bind Suggestions

Hi, I want to preface this by saying I love the amount of customizability we are given in AOE4s User Interface. I think the developers have done an outstanding job so far.

With that being said I find myself hoping for a few additional features and I have thought of a few suggestions.

First, we have the ability to select all military units, but in order to focus on a single unit we have to actively cntrl+click that unit from the list to single it out. It would be great if there was a key bind that allowed us to do this instead. That way I could quickly bind a specific unit using the “Select all military” tab cycling without having to click on the user interface.

Second, we have a camera option that allows us to select and focus or select and follow units AND buildings. My suggestion is that you decouple this. What I mean is the user should be allowed to choose to follow units OR buildings. You could have both turned on or simply one or the other. In this way, I can cycle through my scouts, and have the camera snap to them (or follow them) while still being able to select my production buildings without having to snap to them. I know that I could work around this by using control groups but then I have to use one of my control groups, and I frequently use all of them. Not to mention I tend to use some of them a lot more comfortably than others. For example, control groups 1-4 are much easier to reach and access than control groups 5-9. I know someone will say that it’s a “skill issue.” You’re probably right :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, thank you to the developers for making such a fantastic game and for all of your hard work. They probably had their hands full working on the mechanics of the console UI and UX. It looks incredible and I’m very tempted to buy an Xbox just to try it out.

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I have requested this since the game came out, and also other requests for a long time.

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